Welcome to the Riverwood Amenities Website.  Riverwood offers a number of amenities to our residents.  Our campus has a number of fitness and sports oriented features that are available to be scheduled by resident participants.  We have three amenities that are offered at an additional fee to a more limited number of residents.
Both our Dog Park and our RV Park are managed on this website.  The general information on forms and rules are available to all, but the actual membership pages are only available to paid members.  
Our Dog Park is located on the Campus and offers two parks, one for small dogs and the other for larger dogs.  Membership is not limited, but all owners must present updated vaccination records each year to remain a member of the club.  There is an annual fee for the membership.
Our RV Park is located close to the campus and within the boundaries of the community.  The parking lot offers three different sizes of spaces to accommodate cars, boats and trailers, and large recreational vehicles.  Our membership is limited by the number of spots available, with an additional waitlist for new vehicles.  Each member is required to sign a waiver of liability form and there is an annual fee for membership. 
Our Beach Club is managed on a separate website.  Our Beach Club is located on Manasota Key and provides private, gate accessed parking, with a covered seating and picnic area and restrooms.  A walkway leads down to the actual Beach with attendants who manage beach chairs for the resident’s use.  Our membership is limited to 370 households, with an additional waitlist for interested residents.  There is an annual fee for membership and a one-time fee to be added to the waitlist.