Welcome to Riverwood and to the "Riverwood Owners of Mannerly Pets (R.O.M.P.) Dog Park!"
Notice:  Effective 2/16/2021 the $107 inititation fee was dropped.  The Processing Fee for all Riverwood Residents and Renters is now $20 plus Florida Sales Tax.
Registration to utilize the ROMP Dog Park entails the following:
  1. Download the ROMP Dog Park Rules and review to make sure that your pet meets the qualifications for park membership.  At most three dogs per resident are eligible for membership.  
  2. After reviewing the rules, you should select 'register' in the top right hand corner of the web page  Click Here for a Step by Step Procedure with Screen Shots:
    • From the Register screen that opens, select Dog Park
    • You will be taken to the registration page, where you enter you contact information and your dog's tag and vaccination information
    • You will be asked to review and accept the liability waiver agreement
    • At the bottom of the page is the Invoice for the Annual Membership for $21.40.  All fees are non-refundable.
    • Click continue.  It will show that your registration is complete and you have an invoice for the membership fee, which you can then view you payment instructions.
    • You will be presented with your printable invoice, plus a link to pay the invoice online.
  3. Once you have submitted and paid your invoice, the website administrator will change your status from 'pending' to 'active'.
  4. When your status is changed, you will receive an email showing your user id to the website.  You will need to:
    • Sign into the website and select the 'forgot my password' link, which allows you to set your own password, then Click "Your Profile" to recheck your data.  Click Here for Step by Step First Sign-in Instructions.
    • On completion of the data information on the website and payment, you may pick up your annual dog tags at the Riverwood CDD office in the Activities building.  Your dogs should wear these tags when using the park.
    • On each succeeding year, you will receive a notification to renew emailed to your registered email in November each year to be paid by December 31 to maintain your membership.   The renewal can be paid with credit or debit card on the My Profile section of the website each year.  You will also need to review and update your personal information and indicate your agreement with the liability disclaimer on the website.  Click Here for Step by Step instructions for Renewing your Membership.  
    • If you would like, membership can also be renewed by taking or mailing a check for $21.40 made payable to Riverwood CDD - Dog Park to the RCDD Office.  The Office is located in the Riverwood Administration Building at 4250 Riverwood Drive.  
  5. Guests of Members may use the park with their dogs for 7 days at no charge subject to Park Rules.  After 7 days, a fee of $5.35 per week (max of $21.40).  For Guest use, the member should contact the Dog Park administrator at or you may go to the CDD office and submit your request.  An invoice will be generated on the member's account.  On payment, a guest pass may be picked up in the RCDD office.